Motivated by the wish to make a useful contribution to the wellbeing of others, I would like to present a divers offer to the spiritual aspirant.

May this world turn into a place of freedom and happiness for all beings. A place – reflecting the  Buddhist principles – in which this ideal is being brought to the inner and outer sphere of experience of humanity step by step. A place prosperous for all those inspired to contribute to such an ideal. A place, in which happiness and contentment grow evermore in the hearts of all.

I wish you discover a path that can deliver you to the highest goals possible to achieve for you in this very life - beyond your imagination.



Whatever you are looking for,
I wish you find a path,
you travel with ease.
The paths stones
you shall not fell,
so you can follow it
I wish you a path,
not endless of itself,
on which you have always your goal in sight
– a goal, that truly fulfills you.